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Budweiser, The King of Beers!

Back in 1876 times were tough in America. One man, with great determination, took it upon himself to lift the nation’s spirits. That man was Adolphus Busch. His desire to create the Great American Lager took endless optimism, patience and care. After a lot of determination and taste testing he succeeded – he found beer perfection. Budweiser’s golden, refreshing taste was so popular that it became the US’s first truly national beer.

From St. Louis to Mumbai, Sydney and India's own silicon city Bangalore, Budweiser is now enjoyed all across the world. You can experience the exact same joy that Adolphus felt when he first sipped a Budweiser 130 years ago, as the classic Budweiser taste has remained unchanged since the day it was born.

Budweiser is The Great American Lager. It’s an awesome blend of delicately selected ingredients, precision brewing and Beechwood ageing. It’s refreshing, crisp and pure, and it quenches thirst like no other beer.

Budweiser is best when shared with friends, in pursuit and anticipation of the Great Times ahead, so get out there and GRAB SOME BUDS!

Please enjoy great times and Budweiser responsibly.





FIFA Budweiser Passport campaign started in March 2014 and many lucky winners got chance for a trip to see FIFA Worldcup matches.

Mr Dhyanchand from Mumbai (98XXXXXXX0) was the lucky one to go to Brazil for Worldcup finals.
Mr Ram C from Shillong got a chance to watch live action of FIFA @ Germany
Mr Prithvi from Mumbai redeemed an Ipad mini

This time Budweiser is launching ‘MADE FOR MUSIC’, participate and get a chance to win lots of exciting prizes.


Top 10NamePlacePoints
1 99XXXXXX78 Delhi 1710
2 89XXXXXX18 Karnataka 1560
3 84XXXXXX60 Delhi 1555
4 gc Mumbai 1510
5 84XXXXXX34 Karnataka 1460
6 75XXXXXX21 Delhi 1450
7 75XXXXXX04 Delhi 1430
8 99XXXXXX66 Ap 1425
9 96XXXXXX42 Delhi 1405
10 avtar Delhi 1400


1 Budweiser Electronic Guitar 5000
2 Budweiser Cooler bag WITH speakers 2500
3 Budweiser Bluetooth Speakers 2000
4 Budweiser ONE CASE 330 ml 1500
5 Budweiser Backpack WITH Speakers 1250
6 Budweiser Messenger Bags 1000
7 Budweiser Folding Headphones 750
8 Budweiser Flip-flops Small 500
9 Budweiser Flip-flops Medium 500
10 Budweiser Flip-flops Large 500
11 Samsung S4 Cover WITH openers 350
12 Iphone 4 Cover WITH openers 350
13 Iphone 5 Cover WITH openers 350
Buy a pack or bucket of Budweiser to participate in Budweiser Passport. Get a chance to win tickets to music concerts and exciting merchandise!

Get your scratch card with every Pack or Bucket of Budweiser to get a Unique Code. Use your Unique Code to get registered with Budweiser Passport and win points!

Registered consumers can collate & redeem collated points for their prize at each milestone.